Ace Enamel Primer Spray Paint (443.6 ml, Gray)

Ace Enamel Primer Spray Paint (443.6 ml, Gray)
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Product Overview

  • Put layers to their best use with the Enamel Primer Spray Paint
  • Smooth out the process - This primer serves as the first layer of a paint job
  • Smoothens out the area to be worked on, leveling out any uneven areas and providing heavy-duty rust protection
  • Optimum paint color - The Primer creates a smooth surface to ensure that the paint you chose will easily show its true color on your walls, ceilings and more
  • Creates a lasting undercoating for metal and wooden surfaces
  • Easy to use and dries fast

What's in the box?

  • 1 Enamel Primer Spray Paint at 443.6 ml