Ace 57626 Rubber Tape (300 x 1 cm, Black)

Ace 57626 Rubber Tape (300 x 1 cm, Black)
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Product Overview

  • ACE 57626 Rubber Tape is a long closed cell sponge rubber tape made with an airtight acrylic self-adhesive backing
  • Super firm and long lasting
  • Shock absorbing and it dampens rattles and vibration
  • Extremely tough and suitable for autos boats doors and windows
  • Weather-stripping tape offers a tight seal for windows, doors or hatches
  • Offers tight seal for windows and doors
  • Self adhesive backing and thickness is 6.3mm
  • Has high strength and is extremely tough
  • Absorbs shocks and dapens vibration

What's in the box?

  • 1 57626 Rubber Tape at 3 m


  • diameter
    0.6 cm